Åsa Sonjasdotter and Daniela Zambrano Almidón

Peru, Sweden

Papitas Tarpuycha/Earthing Potatoes, 2011-ongoing

Papitas Tarpuycha/Earthing Potatoes is a collaborative project involving a site-specific installation, workshops and a Quechua food ritual. The work is centred on the potato, a staple in the Andes and a common crop all over the world. The project explores and restores nonauthoritarian food relations, following migratory trajectories of potatoes and reflecting on migration, food production and ancestral techniques of cooking on the land and in the community.

Åsa Sonjasdotter
(b. 1966) is an artist who works with plant breeders, farmers and gardeners for the regeneration and reclaiming of the remaining peasant-bred crops that were threatened by monoculture practices. She initiates collaborations in which real and speculative narrative processes are set in motion; these take place in the fields, where narratives may be formed by and with the crops. She currently lives and works in Sweden and Berlin.

Daniela Zambrano Almidón (b. 1993) is a Peruvian-Quechua researcher and interdisciplinary artist with experience in artistic projects and research on Andean-Amazonian popular culture in Peru, migratory groups, interculturality and memorial culture. Since 2011, she has been working on researching textile art with the EnRedLanita Project. She is Director of the project, Tejiendo Caminos, a decentralised intercultural art project founded in 2014 together with community leaders, regional environmental activists and artists. She is also Founder of Ashlanqueras Collective, the Laboratory of Interventions in Urban Public Space in Lima, and of the Yakunewen association in Berlin.


  • Papitas Tarpuycha/Earthing Potatoes. 2011-ongoing. Mixed media.

Åsa Sonjasdotter and Daniela Zambrano Almidón’s Programmes & Events

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Natasha on the Islands
Natasha on the Islands
  • Zarina Muhammad
  • Shooshie Sulaiman
  • Åsa Sonjasdotter and Daniela Zambrano Almidón

Embark on an unforgettable journey on Lazarus and St. John's Island and enjoy a day of free programmes inspired by Singapore Biennale 2022, named Natasha. Whether you're looking to pick up some survival skills, explore the rich history and beauty of nature, be mesmerized by a soul-stirring gamelan performance, or find out more about the Biennale's captivating artworks, there is something for everyone.

To ensure a smooth experience, please read thru the programme guide and safety advisory here.

Programme Highlights

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  • [ARTIST INSIGHTS] Zarina Muhammad | 12PM–12.30PM | St. John's Island
    Join artist Zarina Muhammad as she talks about her artistic practice and delves deeper into the making of her work, Moving Earth, Crossing Water, Eating Soil (2022).
  • [TALK] Jiak Kentang by The Slow Press | 4PM–4.30PM & 5.30PM–6PM | Seringat Jetty
    Explore the history of the potato in Southeast Asian cooking with The Slow Press! While rice is seen as the main carbohydrate that is consumed in Southeast Asia, the potato also plays a huge role in the region’s cuisines—it is in curries, begedil and Vietnamese beef stew—despite having made its way into our region’s culinary culture through colonisation.
  • [SOAPBOX] Singapore Biennale Highlights at Lazarus Island | 4.30PM–5.30PM | Lazarus Island
    Visit the stops on our Art Trail where SAM staff will share about their favourite respective Singapore Biennale 2022 artworks on the islands.
  • [STORY TELLING] A Reading of Kancil Mengadap Beringin by Shooshie Sulaiman | 5PM–5.45PM | Lazarus Island Beach
    Kancil Mengadap Beringin (The Mousedeer Comes Before the Banyan Tree) is an artwork installation by artist Shooshie Sulaiman, which consists of a banyan tree surrounded by 99 kancil (or mousedeer) cement sculptures and two wooden components.
    The artwork is accompanied by a book of the same name, which tells the tale of Sang Kancil’s latest adventure, where he acts as a mediator between animals and the universe, with a banyan tree acting as a spiritual transmitter.
  • [PERFORMANCE] Singa Nglaras Gamelan Ensemble with Angger Widhi Asmara and Dona Dhian Ginanjar | 6PM–7PM | St. John's Island
    Let the Singa Nglaras Gamelan Ensemble, alongside collaborators Angger Widhi Asmara and Dona Dhian Ginanjar take you on a musical adventure inspired by Zarina Muhammad’s artwork Moving Earth, Crossing Water, Eating Soil.

St. John’s Island and Lazarus Island Sat, 25 Feb 2023 - 10:00 am
The Pachamanca food ritual by Åsa Sonjasdotter and Daniela Zambrano
The Pachamanca food ritual by Åsa Sonjasdotter and Daniela Zambrano
  • Åsa Sonjasdotter and Daniela Zambrano Almidón

The Pachamanca food ritual by Åsa Sonjasdotter and Daniela Zambrano
Date: 10 – 12 March 2023, Friday – Sunday
Time: Various timings
Venue: Various locations

In the context of the biennale, potatoes are elements of maternal shelter, vessels of migratory stories and global movement. The action of Papitas Tarpuycha – Earthing Potatoes starts with the re-learning and recognition of practices based by the place of origin, the mother Earth. The action brings voices together for the generation of new forms of connection and transformation. The action of Papitas Tarpuycha – Earthing Potatoes is composed of interventions in public space, from a sculptural installation to actions that will be open to public participation in the region of Huánuco, Peru, the region of Scania, Sweden, at the Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre in Singapore, a sweet potato garden in Singapore, and with contributions from Java, Indonesia.

  • Gathering vegetables for the Pachamanca with wholesale second-generation agent Mr Kenny Chua from Good 1 Farmers’ Market | 10 March, Friday, 8 – 9pm | Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre, 1 Wholesale Centre, Singapore 110001

Register here from 6 March

  • Gathering sweet potato leaves to the Pachamanca with edible garden designer Ee Peng, researcher and curator Gatari Surya Kusuma, artists Daniela Edith Zambrano Almidon and Åsa Sonjasdotter | 11 March, Saturday, 10.30am – 12pm | Wah Son Engineering Pte Ltd, 1 Seletar Aerospace Heights, Singapore 797547

Register here from 6 March

  • Panchamanca Food Action | 12 March, Sunday, 11am to 1pm | Lazarus Island

Register here from 6 March

St. John’s Island and Lazarus Island Fri, 10 Mar 2023 - 03:39 pm