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Slideshow Party: A Feminist Sharing of Art and Other Provocations


Slideshow Party: a feminist sharing of art and other provocations
Dates: 19 March 2023, Sunday
Times: 3pm – 6pm
Venue: Level 3 Main Deck, Singapore Art Museum at Tanjong Pagar Distripark
Free, by registration.

“Natasha, you are not alone… Now meet the rest of us.”

Join curator Adele Tan, artist Erika Tan and invited guests for an afternoon of making present, visible and audible the experiences, networks and art practices of women practitioners in and from Singapore. Meet, share, make friends, swap notes, construct and deconstruct histories and futures in relation to feminist principles of reflexivity, participation, social action and self-determination; and openly discuss intersectionality, representation, tokenism, feminist frameworks and institutional responsibilities.

Though there is no shortage of women working in the arts in Singapore today, we still have cause to ask why there are no “great women artists” in this country to be reckoned with for major international platforms, global institutions and even our national collection? Their lack of representation reveals a need for more active, autonomous and accessible forms of documentation, and a more consistent pursuit of collective bodies of knowledge.

This Slideshow Party in Singapore is inspired by an “informal slide evening” organised as an “Open Space” Event for the Hayward Annual 78 in London. The groundbreaking 1978 event was curated by an all-women artist committee, including the Singapore sculptor and printmaker Kim Lim. Women artists were invited to share three slides on their artworks and the public was also invited.

Slideshow Party continues its legacy as a form of collective history making. Your participation and contributions are crucial to its success. Prior and during the event, you are invited to contribute content to an Online Platform, which will be displayed during the event and act as a repository of shared material, becoming a resource for future artists and researchers. Instructions for how to add material can be found on the platform. We are particularly interested in documentation of exhibitions, works and practitioners that prioritise Singapore women’s art histories.

Documentation of the event will be deposited with the Singapore Art Museum, the National Gallery Singapore and the artist Erika Tan as a historic record of the gathering.

Image Courtesy of Erika Tan

  • Erika Tan & Adele Tan
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